Our History

We organize various events in Paris and Martinique:

Conferences, Seminars, Pastoral Training, Discipleship Class, Prophetic School, Ministry Preparation.

We work together as a team, with the same passion and motivation: that the glory of God might be revealed, that the body of Christ might have an unforgettable experience in His presence.

We give the Holy Spirit full freedom to work among us, in preaching, prophesying, and other spiritual gifts.

We have vision for lives restored, sickness healed, people encouraged, engaged, determined, passionate, on fire, with a passion for God and for souls.

The heart of this ministry is to make disciples filled with the Holy Spirit, that they may be filled to all the fullness of God, ministries that will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ with demonstrations of the Spirit and power: the supernatural power of God followed by signs, wonders and miracles.

We have a vision for the supernatural power of God manifested in all his gifts...

  • Revival Fire (Le Feu du Réveil) was established in 2002 by Jeanne Desbrailles

  • Jeanne Desbrailles, Elizabeth Smite

    David Smite
    Glenn Garland, Sylvaine Nickel

    Trinité, Martinique, 2005

    Evangelism with the team composed of David and Elizabeth Smite, Sylvaine Smite, Jeanne Desbrailles and frequent guest speaker Glenn Garland. (This was his first participation.) These meeting were in Saint-Joseph, Lamentin, Fort de France.

  • Elizabeth Smite – Malik Edwards 2006 Case de Chapelle Saint-Joseph
    Jane Lowder – Sallie Brown
    Pasteur Vanitou, Dwight Jones

    2006 to 2017

    Some conferences in Paris and Martinique including guest speakers: Malik Edwards, Jane Lowder, Dwight Jones, Debbie Garland, Judith Miller, Sallie Brown, Joshua Nickel, Jean-Pierre Placide, Georgian Banov, Catherine and Robert Baxter, Fabienne Petit, Glenn Garland, Bong Bugarin, Michel Chevalier….

  • 2007 Conference in Paris with Jane Lowder and Debbie Garland, with Sylvaine translating.

  • We have hosted conferences in Paris and Martinique: Meetings for women, meeting for pastors and leaders, educational seminars, evangelistic outreaches...

  • 2016 Bible School in Martinique

  • 2017 mission in Haiti Evangelistic outreach - Teaching...

  • 2017: our first tour of Israel

  • 2017 mission to Togo at the invitation of Pastor Joseph Sovon

    Discipleship training, Womens' Conference….

  • Michel Chevalier, 2016
    Bong Bugarin, 2016
    Fabienne Petit, 2018

    More of our guest speakers at special events in Martinique