Since 2001, the Lord has connected me to the ministry of Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle, founded in 1955 by Wallace H. Heflin. I was involved in their Summer and Winter Camps as a volunteer over the course of ten years. My life has been transformed through contact with anointed speakers. Dr. Jane Lowder, director of CPT, is my spiritual mother. By a prophetic word, the Lord confirmed and activated within me the vision of Feu du Réveil (Revival Fire). Since that time, Jane Lowder has participated in many event organized by Le Feu du Réveil (Revival Fire), during which she has released the prophetic word into many lives in Paris and Martinique.

Glenn Garland is a friend and spiritual father who the Lord has used to encourage, support and counsel me in the ministry. He has also been a speaker at several events including a Prophetic School and a Pastors Convention. Glenn operates in the fivefold ministries; since 2005, the Lord has used him mightily to build, teach, and release the prophetic word into many lives in Paris and Martinique.

Pastor Bong Bugarin is a support and our spiritual cover; he was a blessing to the people at our conferences and the prophetic school in Martinique.

** 2022 Summer Campmeeting, July 1 – Sept. 4 **

Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle

CPT is located in the United States in Ashland, Virginia. The campus includes auditoriums, dining hall, kitchen, administrative offices and guest accommodations. They organize winter and summer camps open to the whole body of Christ. CPT is run by Dr. Jane LOWDER, who has participated in many events with Le Feu Réveil (Revival Fire).

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Glenn Garland

Glenn and Debbie Garland are leaders at Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle. They have both participated in different missions with Le Feu du Réveil (Revival Fire).

JTGS International Church

Jesus the Good Shepherd is a filipino church in Paris. Pastor Bong BUGARIN, with whom we are connected, has participated in some conferences organized by Le Feu du Réveil (Revival Fire) in Martinique.